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SNOW in the forecast- what's the plan?

Subject: SNOW in the forecast- what's the plan?


Hello Parents,


There is snow in the forecast for the end of this week. Here is a reminder of our inclement weather policies for Preschool-8th grade

As stated in our School Handbook….


Inclement Weather


When inclement weather makes it necessary to close or delay the school day, parents will receive notice via a TEXT blast system called to relay information. We upload the cell phone numbers of parents as provided on registration forms for that tool. In addition, SGPS will send an email and post on our school website.


Check for text messages and emails between the hours of 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM for schedule changes. In the event school has declared a Late Start for 10:00 AM , Early Morning Extended Care will open no earlier than 9:45 AM. School will then continue with its regular programing from 10:00AM-6:00 PM. We refer to parents’ best judgment of the driving conditions in their neighborhoods to determine school attendance during inclement weather.


If the weather turns hazardous during the school day, parents will be notified via TEXT blast and are expected to pick up their children as soon as possible. All missed instructional time lost due to inclement weather and school cancellation will be made up at the discretion of the principal.


I will share schedule change news as early as possible for your convenience.  Also, please send your child to school with a warm coat and hat. We go outside for recess daily, even in the 30°s,  and students are expected to be dressed appropriately.



Monica Wingard


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