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An Endowment Fund, a restricted fund comprising gifts and bequests to a non-profit organization, is established to fund charitable and non-profit institutions for the support and maintenance of the organization. The principal of this fund remains intact while generating interest that contributes to the organization's operating revenue.

How it Works


As members of the St. George School community, it is our responsibility to continue the legacy of St. George for generations to come. Donations made to the endowment are preserved and are invested in a professionally managed fund administered by the Fulcrum Foundation, an institution committed to enhancing the financial resources of non-profit Seattle Catholic schools. Contributions are tax-deductible and eligible for matching gifts from many companies.

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The Endowment Fund is an investment portfolio that is grown with time and donations.  The initial capital comes from donations, and these assets are invested with the goal of generating an annual income. With each investment to the principal, the Fund offers a constant source of revenue to the school.  Each year the organization receives a portion of the value (usually the interest). The principal amount remains and grows with more donations overtime.


This annual income currently funds our Georgian Fund for tuition assistance, impacting 30% of our school families.   It is our goal to grow our endowment even further to help assist with other upcoming needs of our school.


Recent Accomplishments

  • The St. George Endowment Fund has grown to over $1 million from $800,000 since 2019.

  • The Bruno Beti Endowment Fund has grown to $564,000 from $100,000 since 2004.

Our Endowment Funds

St. George School is blessed to have two endowment funds:

  1. The St. George School Endowment Fund is money held in a trust.  The principal of the fund is never touched, but we receive a small portion of the net profits each year (usually the interest). This income is used to support the current operations and needs of St. George School.

    In 2019 a very generous Alumni donor started off our Endowment fund with $800k. Through the generosity of school families, parishioners, alumni, and the community, as well as the sound investments made with the initial principle, our fund has grown and is currently worth over $1 million.  Our goal is to have annual income from this fund for many generations to come.  The St. George School Endowment is managed as part of the Fulcrum Foundation Consolidated Endowments.

  2. The Bruno Beti Endowment Fund is a private fund that was granted by a generous Alumni of one of the original graduating classes of St. George School. The Fund is required to hold $500k at all times to continue to grow.  We maintain this fund as reserves for any large future projects and unexpected surprises (like we had recently in 2023 with our $50k emergency plumbing repair). Our goal is to grow this fund to continue to build our reserves to enhance our offerings and for future capital improvements.  This Fund is managed by Cutler Investments.

Foundation Board

The St. George School Foundation Board, comprised of parents and school leadership members, oversees and evaluates our endowment funds and their investments in collaboration with our investment managers. They work closely with the Pastor and Principal to ensure the effective management and growth of our endowments.

How to Contribute

Donors may contribute to either or both endowment funds. Contributions can be designated to a specific fund or made as a general donation to any of our endowments.

Endowments are Forever

Learn more about our endowment funds and planned giving opportunities here.


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