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A St. George Parish School student is:


An Engaged Faith Filled Member of our community who

  • Seeks a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Participates in liturgy, prayer and celebrations of faith.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of Catholic faith.

  • Creates healthy relationships by accepting responsibility and finding peaceful solutions.

  • Acts with Christian integrity in an ever-changing world.


A Missionary Disciple who

  • Practices the Principals of Catholic Social Teachings through service.

  • Demonstrates Christ-like leadership skills.

  • Stewards all God’s gifts and blessings with responsibility and gratitude.


A Life-Long Learner who

  • Takes a disciplined and dedicated approach to learning and applying academic content

  • Demonstrates ownership for learning through engagement and reflection.

  • Develops a growth mindset through goal setting, self-reflection and perseverance

St. George Student Code of Conduct

  1. I will do my personal best.

  2. I will be responsible and follow the policies of the Parent/Student Handbook.

  3. I will respect myself, others and the environment.

  4. I will choose to learn, encourage others to learn and allow the teachers to teach.

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