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St. George Parish School was founded in 1919 by the Franciscan brotherhood to serve the needs of the
immigrant railroad workers. For 100 years, we have served the diverse families of Beacon Hill and South
Seattle. Our community is known for its warm, family-like atmosphere, and rigorous academics steeped in
strong Catholic values. Our graduates are well prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond.


Diversity continues to be celebrated at St. George Parish School in the many cultures and faith traditions that
our students and staff hold dear.


Of our 274 Preschool-8 students, from 208 families.

  • 38% receive financial aid.

  • 92% identify as culturally and linguistically diverse


Student Learning Expectations


A St. George Parish School student is:


An Engaged Faith-Filled Member of our community who

  • Seeks a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Participates in liturgy, prayer and celebrations of faith.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of Catholic faith.

  • Creates healthy relationships by accepting responsibility and finding peaceful solutions.

  • Acts with Christian integrity in an ever-changing world.


A Missionary Disciple who

  • Practices the Principles of Catholic Social Teachings through service.

  • Demonstrates Christ-like leadership skills.

  • Stewards all God’s gifts and blessings with responsibility and gratitude.


A Life-Long Learner who

  • Takes a disciplined and dedicated approach to learning and applying academic content

  • Demonstrates ownership for learning through engagement and reflection.

  • Develops a growth mindset through goal setting, self-reflection and perseverance.

St. George Student Code of Conduct

  1. I will do my personal best.

  2. I will be responsible and follow the policies of the Parent/Student Handbook.

  3. I will respect myself, others and the environment.

  4. I will choose to learn, encourage others to learn and allow the teachers to teach.

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