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The commission is established by the pastor, in accord with archdiocesan policy, to assist the pastor and principal in policy development and long-range planning for the school. When the commission meets with pastor, principal and members and agree on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all. The commission will be consulted prior to decisions being made in its areas of responsibility. The commission responsibilities are in the following areas:

A. Planning
  • Establishing a mission statement for the school

  • Establishing commission goals for the school

  • Establishing future plans for the school

B. Policy Development
  • Recommending policies that give general direction for the school to the pastor and principal.

C. Finance, which includes
  • Developing a plan and means to finance school programs, including tuition, development and fundraising;

  • Allocating resources according to the budget;

  • Monitoring the budget.

D. Public Relations, which includes
  • Communication with various public groups or interested persons about the school;

  • Listening to the needs and concerns of the school community through appropriate forums set up for this purpose;

  • Recruiting students;

  • Promoting the school to the parish and parents.

E. Evaluation, which includes
  • Determining whether commission goals and plans are being met;

  • Evaluating the commission’s own effectiveness.

2023-2024 School Commission Members
  • Fr Scott Connolly

  • Monica Wingard

  • Chastity Groves

  • Hera Fredette 

  • Jennifer Ebreo

  • Jennifer Ibach

  • Jenny Lobo

  • Jeri Gonzales

  • Jessica Louie

  • Joe Borries

  • Jordan Gurrieri

  • Lardel Sims

  • Micah Richardson

  • Philip Groves

  • Portia Singian

  • Sophia Ramirez 

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