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News for the Week - 5/30/24

Updated: Jun 7

Dear St. George Families,

Congratulations to our 8th Grade Class of 2024. We will be celebrating their journey and accomplishments at St. George this Sunday at the 10:30 Baccalaureate Mass and next Tuesday, June 4th at Graduation at 6:30 PM in the church. All are welcome to attend.

We say good-bye to 27 students and a final farewell to 18 families who wrap up their time at St. George. This class has families who have been at St. George for 17 and 18 years! 18 years is 710 service hours of Jogathons, carnivals, auctions and fieldtrips! The SECRET SAUCE at St. George is the love and care each person gives to be their best, and to lift up others along the way.

To all the Graduates: In the words of LeBron James: It is time to chase every dream, accept every challenge, strive for greatness, honor every promise and recommit to your community!

To our graduating parents: They say it takes a village to raise a child. Thank you for being part of the St. George village and for all the gifts of time, talent and love you have given to these 27 students and their teachers through the years!


I thank Alex Cooper ( and Jeff Castro ( who have stepped up to be the new Parents Club Leadership Team for next year.  With the help of Mary, Suni and Mia they are in RECRUTING mode to get us all set up for 2024-2025.  WE NEED MANY HANDS. Remember Fr. Scott’s challenge to the DADS last Back to School night. The kids need to see you involved, too!

Have you signed up? I am attaching links to all the key places for which WE NEED YOU! Please go to the link today and choose an area where you can help!  We are looking for parents who have never had the chance to be ROOM PARENT to jump in. We give LOTS of support and guidance! Alex and Jeff will reach out to you in late August as we get rolling for the fall.


CYO FALL SOCCER REGISTRATION IS OPEN! I know it sounds crazy but soccer registration is DUE the last week of August.  Do you have a rising Kindergartener through 5th grader who would like to play? See that attached flyer for details.  We are also looking for coaches. To make it easy for parents, most practices are on the school play field after school! SIGN UP ASAP so we can register a team!

Working Lunch and Study Hall end this week. Students who stay after school will be sent directly to daycare.

We celebrate Ms. Schroeder’s retirement on Sunday, June 9th at the 10:30 Mass. A light reception in the school hall will follow. Come join us as we pray in thanksgiving for Ms. Schroeder’s 35 years of inspiring teaching and wish her well on her next chapter of life: RETIRMENT!

South Seattle Parish Days at Seattle Storm!  See the attached flyer about a KIDS Day event open to all.

Check our school calendar for June events and closing ceremonies of the 2023-24 school year!


Monica Wingard


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