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Annual Fund

Because tuition covers approximately 75% of the operating budget of the school, additional resources are necessary to carry this dynamic organization forward into a new era.  In order to nurture the unique potential that each child carries and graduate capable and caring citizens, we rely on generous giving to cultivate classroom, community, and facilities initiatives.

The St. George Annual Fund, established in 2022, is part of a comprehensive development program that combines fundraising, community and alumni relations. The Annual Fund culminates contributions from two areas: school families and alumni, parishioner and other friends and family of St. George. Since its inception, more than $20,000 has been generated to support ongoing operations, tuition assistance, and educational enhancements. 

By working together with St. George and your companies, we can make it a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!  This is the uplifting and empowering community we are building within our St. George family! 

Annual Fund Parent Contributions

Each February at registration, parish families are given the commitment for their participation in our Annual Fund. Families prayerfully discern the amount their family can afford to contribute for the year. Contributions are made by the end of May of the current school year to satisfy registration requirements for the following school year. This is the only time we ask parents to donate to the Annual Fund. We know our families range on a wide spectrum of socioeconomic levels, so only 100% participation is expected from our school families.

EXAMPLE - In Feb 2024, Family A registers 2 students at St. George for the following 2024-25 school year. They make a one-time Annual Fund contribution of $100 by May 31st, 2024. This satisfies their commitment of participation in the Annual Fund for the 2024-2025 school year. The family consults their CPA/tax advisor and receives donation tax benefits for the 2024 tax year, if any.

Family, Friends, Alumni & Parishioner Contributions:  Family, Friends, Alumni, and Parishioners of St. George (and the South Seattle cluster of Rainbow Parishes - St. Edward, St. Paul, St. Peter) generously donate thousands of dollars to the Annual Fund campaign year round through cash, stocks, company matching, estate planning and many other ways.  See Ways to Give page.

Company Matching Contributions

BONUS EXAMPLE - Company#1 does Matching:  One parent of Family A is employed by a company that matches cash donations dollar for dollar.  The parent submits their donation matching request to their company’s HR department.  The company approves the request and sends St. George an additional $100 contribution to the Annual Fund.  The company receives tax benefits for their charitable donation and the family is recognized by St. George School for the total contribution of $200 in their honor to the Annual Fund.

DOUBLE BONUS EXAMPLE - Company #2 does One-Time Donation: The other parent works for a small business that does not have a donation matching program, however that parent asks their employer to make a one-time matching donation.  Their employer agrees and contributes an additional $100 to St. George.  The business receives tax benefits for their donation and now the family is recognized by St. George School for the total contribution of $300 in their honor to the Annual Fund.  


TRIPLE BONUS EXAMPLE - Company #2 becomes a Supporter of St. George:  Next year, that small business becomes a sponsor of the St. George Auction and the family has fulfilled part of their fundraising commitment. The small business receives Auction advertising and potentially additional clients while also receiving a tax benefit from their sponsorship donation. The small business also receives tickets to the Auction and further supports St. George with their auction purchases, and gets to network to help build their small business. 


Contact the Development Office at

Our Tax ID# is 91-0661742.

There are many ways to give! Check out our Ways to Give page to see what your options are.

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