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Ms. Beata Metzelaar

Art Teacher


Beata is happy to be here at St. George’s sharing the world of art with her students. Her own artistic talents were discovered at a very young age – nurtured and supported by family, instructors, and schooling. Beata is delighted to find herself able to close the circle; bringing the same inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge to her K through 8th grade students here at St. George.

Born in the former Czechoslovakia, Beata attended and graduated art school in eastern Europe specializing in fine art and art restoration. She came to the US in 1990, working for many years as a textile designer and artist in Los Angeles before coming to Seattle and continuing these endeavors. In addition to her teaching at St. George, Beata is both a working artist, creating custom fine artworks by commission; and an entrepreneur, operating a small business that organizes and runs art classes and art socials for beginner and seasoned artists alike. She believes Hippocrates said it well: “Life is short, art is long…”

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