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School Starts, Wed., Aug 30th!

Hello St. George Parents,

We are excited for the big day! It was wonderful to see our families at movie night and the Preschool-Kindergarten playdate.

School begins Wed. at 7:55 AM. We know that many parents will escort their students to school on the first day to help with the supplies. K-8 and parents will meet on the playground at 7:55 for a welcome. Students will then be dismissed to classrooms to unload their gear. Parents are welcome to help carry things to the classrooms. Then parents are invited to join the students and staff for a Back to School assembly at 8:30 in the school hall. After the assembly, we ask that all parents go on with their day and let the teachers and students get oriented to the classroom and building.

Because we are between two public schools that have lots of traffic, we created a protocol for dropping off and picking up at the main school for our K-8 students. I can’t inform the outside world of our rules or stop crazy drivers. That is why I beg you to help me and abide by our traffic safety rules. Please share this letter all those who help get your kids to and from school, especially grandparents.

Impatient drivers and those thinking of only their convenience do not consider how they affect others, which causes everyone stress. The school crossing guards and I are doing our best to get all the kids safely to and from school. It flows more smoothly when work together.

All K-8 students are to be dropped off along the front of the school or on the south side near the cafeteria door and head directly to the playground by 7:55 daily. At rolling drop offs, we ask that parents do not get out of the car or dilly dally. Except for the first day of school because students have so many supplies, parents are not allowed on the playground or in the classrooms at arrival time.

Morning Care opens up at the cafeteria door on S. Dawson at 7:00 AM. The Gym gate will open at 7:35AM.

At 3:00 (2:00, 12:00) all students will be dismissed to the sidewalk on 13th Ave S to await parents. At 3:15, any student not picked up will be escorted to Extended Care. Parents can sign-out and pick-up those students in the courtyard through the gym gate which is open from 3:00-6:00 PM.

Any parent who wants to walk their children to the campus must park in the neighborhood away from yellow curbs or at the church parking lot.

Come to St. George main school two ways:

  1. Drive south on 13th Ave from S. Hudson or S. Shelton. Please do not come up 13th from the south behind me in the street. I know I am asking you to go a block or two out of your way, but it is in the best interest of children’s safety. You stop the flow of the southbound traffic. Drop your kids anywhere along the front of the school and gym. The gym gate will be open at 7:35. Don’t jam up at the gym gate. They can walk 40 or 50 feet to the gate, and we have staff outside to supervise.

  2. On S. Dawson, drive west only and pull up along the yellow curb as far down as you can towards 12th just like at the gas pump. Don’t expect to drop the kids at the cafeteria door. They can walk. Please do NOT come up S. Dawson from 12th. You are going against traffic and kids are running across traffic to get to the school door.

  3. USE THE CROSSWALKS on the corner of Dawson and 13th! DO NOT CROSS AT PEARL BY THE GYM! There is no crosswalk there. I see too many parents and grandparents crossing kids in the middle of the street between cars or directing their kids to run across the traffic because it is easier for parents to pick them up. That is a life-threatening accident waiting to happen, and it teaches unsafe habits.

  4. Abide by the crossing guards. I see parents and grandparents ignoring the guards and crossing around them. First, that disrespects the presence and work of those students, and it is bad role modeling for your kids.

  5. If you don’t see your child at dismissal, drive around the block on 12th and come by again.

  6. Do not park in yellow curb zones or in our neighbors’ driveways at drop off. Consider parking at the church parking lot or along 12th.

  7. Kindergarten parents who are late must park, check in at the main office and then walk their child to class as we don’t have staff available to escort them.

  8. Students must be IN THE CLASSROOM at their desks by 8:00 to be considered on time. We will mark them late at 8:00.

  9. We offer free morning care from 7:40-7:55.

We appreciate all the ways you help the staff keep the kids safe! One injury is too many!

Preschool and PreK

Doors open at 7:00 AM for those who signed up for morning care.

At 7:45-8:05 parents can drop off students.

We ask parents to park in the lot, walk their children to class and sign them in.

Our parish has an 8:30 morning Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays so the parking lot may get busy.

Thank you again for choosing St. George Parish School. We are all looking forward to a fabulous year of partnership with you!


Monica Wingard

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