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Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl/Plate de Arroz: Lent is here!

Join our faith community in a transformative Lenten journey through CRS Rice Bowl to meet people in Uganda, El Salvador and Indonesia who are working hard to overcome

the challenges of hunger and the impact of climate change. Your family’s Rice Bowl was sent home with your child.  During the 40 days of Lent, we will reflect on our connectedness as one family in Christ and work together to ensure our sisters and brothers worldwide can thrive. Visit to learn more.


Stewardship of Time

During our Lenten Journey we focus on Stewardship of Time.  All we have is a gift from God.  How do we express our gratitude and share what we have been given?  Spend some time with God this Lent by attending our Stations of the Cross, making a visit in front of the Blessed Sacrament, praying the Rosary, attending Mass as a family, or spending time with those you love. 


Lenten Stations of the Cross and Soup Suppers are Back!

All are invited to join us for the Stations of the Cross at 6pm on Fridays during Lent, followed by a meatless meal.  The first gatherings are on Fridays, February 16 (St. Edward), February 23 (St. George) and March 1 (St. Peter).  Come to the Parish Hall afterwards for a fabulous meal hosted by various parish groups.  This year, you can also celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with a priest during the Stations.   We look forward to praying with you and breaking bread in community. 


Join our St. Vincent de Paul Conference

Thank you to all who support the St. Vincent de Paul ministry at St. Peter and St. George.  We reach out to neighbors in need, providing them support, rent and utilities assistance, and food from our pantry.  We have combined our conferences to better serve our community and are welcoming new members.  Want to learn more about the St. Vincent de Paul ministry?  Join us at our next meeting on Sunday, February 18 after the 8:30am Mass at St. Peter in the Parish Hall.  You can also support the ministry by contributing to our collections on the first weekend of every month.  Contact Jennifer to find out more: or 206-762-7744.  


Middle School Encounter: Revival

Our Middle School Youth Group will be joining with hundreds of middle school youth from around the Archdiocese for our March event.  Come for a day of fun and faith on Saturday, March 2 from 9:30am-5pm at Kennedy Catholic High School.  Have a great time with friends, enjoy games and engaging activities, heard from amazing Catholic speakers, and experience a new understanding of Christ’s Real Presence.  Register by Friday, February 23 at 


Synod Listening Session: Help Reform the Church

“As members of the faithful People of God, all the baptized are co-responsible for mission, each according to his or her vocation, competence and experience. Therefore, all contribute to imagining and discerning steps to reform Christian communities and the Church as a whole” (A Synodal Church on

Mission, 3c).”

The global Church has been in the process of a worldwide Synod that began in the fall of 2021 with the consultation of the faithful around the world through a series of Synod Listening Sessions (we held several sessions in our South Seattle Parishes).  The feedback helped shape the themes and questions considered at the Synod Assembly in Rome last October, where Archbishop Etienne was a delegate.  The Synod concludes with a second Assembly in October 2024 and the Vatican is inviting local Churches to undertake a second round of consultative Listening Sessions, this time on the theme of the “co-responsibility of the baptized”.  Come share your thoughts and hear from others as we listen to the Holy Spirit and discern together how our current Church structures, leadership and life hinder, encourage, and foster our shared mission.  Join us on Saturday, March 2 at 10am at St. Edward in the Hall for this 90-120 minute process.  We will have groups available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.    


Partners in the Gospel FAQ: How will Parishes Integrate Different Nationalities or Charisms?  

Have you been hearing the term “Partners in the Gospel” but you’re not really sure what it is?  Partners in the Gospel is a strategic pastoral planning effort taking place across the Archdiocese of Seattle to re-invigorate and renew our local Catholic Church.  We are one universal Catholic Church and we honor the rich diversity, which brings fullness and joy to our faith  communities.  All parishes have their differences – whether it is nationality, ecclesiology, outreach ministries and more. Partners in the Gospel requires all of us to be welcoming. It requires all of us to take time to learn about each other and about the larger community we serve. The archdiocese will provide more tangible guidance on how to bring people and leadership teams together – but at its heart, we must all work together to build a faith community that reflects the love of Jesus so that we can effectively be his living body. To learn more about Partners in the Gospel, go to  





Jennifer Ibach

Pastoral Associate for Southeast Seattle Parishes (Sts. Edward, George, Paul and Peter)






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