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Mission Statement


St. George Parish School is a welcoming, supportive, accessible community of educators and diverse families who come together with a shared sense of purpose and dedication to lead our lives as Jesus did. This vision guides us as we provide our children with strong Catholic values and a robust academic foundation.

 Encourage growth among students and faculty by supporting St. George Parish in its role of providing religious education and values to the school community.

Develop social skills through a Christian lifestyle expressing the values of peace, justice, and service.

Reinforce and support parent’s values and goals through communication with students, parents 
and the Parish.

Build a sense of community by helping children realize their own personal dignity and the worth 
of others by understanding their rights and how to give and take constructive criticism.

Teach the skills necessary for learning and encourage children to reach their highest potential in every area of their lives.

Develop courageous Christian leaders to keep ever before them the hope of a better world.


Offer our students the education necessary to deal with the moral values facing society today. 


Children entering kindergarten at St. George Parish School must be five years old on or by August 31st

Children entering first grade at St. George Parish School must be six years old on or before August 31st.  Exceptions are those who have successfully completed kindergarten and have been declared ready for first grade.

To qualify for permanent enrollment in the 6th, 7th  and 8th grades, a student must have completed a probationary period, of one quarter at St. George Parish School successfully.  The terms of probation are as follows:

The student must maintain a minimum C grade in all subjects.


The student must observe good order, be diligent in study, respectful to teachers and classmates, adhere to the uniform code, and obey the regulations of the school as stated in the school handbook.


Assignments must be completed and turned in on time.


Families must fulfill all financial obligations.


New Students must present Immunization records, and a birth certificate. A baptismal certificate is required if Catholic.


St. George families who accept the reduced in-parish tuition rate must be active Catholics as defined on the In-Parish Tuition Form.  Otherwise they will be charged the full-tuition rate.


New parish families will be placed on a four-month probationary period to demonstrate active participation in the parish before they will be given the reduced tuition rate.


By enrolling your child, parents agree to allow pictures of students (no names will be used) to be used in the school’s own website and social media. Parents who object must do so in writing to the school principal at the time of registration.


The school reserves the right to search anything brought on to the school campus.


NO family with tuition or other monies owed to St. George or any rainbow School will be considered officially registered until all outstanding balances have been satisfied.

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